Client – Designer / Project Manager – Contractor collaboration

Client – Designer / Project Manager – Contractor collaboration

Client – Designer / Project Manager - Contractor collaboration

As designers we talk to clients about our respective roles in the project.  It is also crucial that clients have a clear understanding of differences between the responsibilities of the project manager and general contractor.  Clearly defining who does what is fundamental for a strong and functional relationship during the project.

Design Contract between Client and Designer
As designers we work hard to make the project design fulfill client’s needs and expectations, comply with codes and local regulations and stay within budget. We guide the client, provide design solutions and construction drawings that will be a basis for client’s contract with the contractor. Clients often ask us about construction costs. In fact construction cost estimates are not part of the contract and, if given, are general estimates only.  They are not guaranteed as we do not have control over the costs of materials, labour and equipment, etc.

Construction Contract between Client and Contractor
Responsibility for building the project lies in the contractor’s hands. The contractor must have the experience and expertise to manage the subcontractors and to build the project according to construction drawings and documents. The contractor is responsible for scheduling, organization, safety and the completion of work on site. The contractor presents a budget for the work to be done, material and services to be used. There are no error-free projects. Some items will have to be added or changed at some point or the other. Therefore the budget must allow for contingencies. Lien holdback, deficiency and delivery holdback should be included in the contract. The client pays the contractor for work deemed acceptable by the project manager. The contractor should contact the designer to clarify details that are not included in construction drawings.

Project Management Contract between Client and Project Manager
As project managers we provide advisory and coordination services. We work for the client during the construction phase ensuring that the construction documents are interpreted correctly by the contractor.  We use our knowledge, experience and reasonable care to best serve the interests of our client.  During site visits we determine if the work on site is done according to construction drawings. We do not directly supervise the work and are not responsible for the safety on site.  Based on observation of the work done we determine if payments can be released to the trades but will not be held responsible for detecting minor deficiencies.
All three parties must keep an open channel of communication at all stages of their involvement to be able to troubleshoot and rectify issues that arise.

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